Improving Your Health
Paperback Book

Wellness doesn't just happen. It takes effort!

Wellness is not an option! Taking care of ourselves must be a priority, if we want to enjoy life to its fullest. Especially with so many unknowns and pressures today, we must desperately guard our health. Wellness must be an essential part of our everyday way of life. We cannot afford to think that physical and financial security are luxuries. They are investments. Staying healthy is less expensive than staying unhealthy. Taking care of yourself is one of the wisest investments of your life. The problem with getting and staying healthy is that it takes personal motivation. Why we do what we do is one of the determining factors to our success. Our motivation affects our eating habits, exercising, and investing in food supplements.

Motivation affects everything we do!

Motivation is a mystery to most people. There is also a myth and misunderstanding about motivation. The myth of motivation is thinking that people are not already motivated. The truth is, everybody is motivated.

Our motivations obviously affect our wellness. It's natural to be healthy and it's unnatural to be unhealthy. Nature responds to our motivations. Everything in life runs down, unless we take care of it. The Law of Entropy warns us about decay and disease  Energy, in any given system, always runs toward randomness and chaos when left alone. 

We must have a plan to stay fit. If not, the consequences are inevitable! Lack of wellness runs toward ruin. Misdirected motivation ends in a wasted life.

By recognizing your motivations from a personality perspective, you can guard your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. Once you identify your specific personality profile, you can then learn how to improve your motivations and wellness.


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