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Hello, I am Dr. LaQueta R. Hatton, affectionately known as Dr. Que. 

In August of 2016, I had a dream, and when I awoke, I heard these words so very clearly, "Greatness is that which lies dormant inside of you until such time as you are awakened to it."© When I sat down, I began to put together an organization whose focus would be to Equip, Empower, Establish the Greatness Within each individual--aRise to Greatness was born!


Thank you for being You. 

I have a heart for and believe in people. My purpose is to help others discover, grow in, and embrace their 'Who' and 'Why' of being and live and lead from this space (this is Holistic Functioning). I wholeheartedly believe that successful individuals are Self-Aware, Authentic, and Servant Leaders (Committed to Serve). Therefore, understanding your Holistic Integrated Leader Identity -- one's personality and behavior coupled with the integration of your Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit-- is paramount to you being a success in your personal and professional life. In that vein, those of us who are Holistic Functioning are equipped to lead from our hearts in full spirit, empowered to be our Authentic selves, committed to Self-Awareness and Servant Leadership, and able to model and encourage others to do the same.  

I make the conscious and deliberate choice daily to put other people's needs and aspirations above my own through relationship and commitment to serving others, utilizing my gifts, talents, knowledge, skills, and abilities for the growth and empowerment of individuals. I am committed to helping others Equip, Empower, Establish the Greatness Within!  Walking beside and supporting others as they discover how to integrate their Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit with Self-- becoming and being Holistic Functioning--is my purpose; it is what fulfills me! It is also the purpose and promise of aRise to Greatness!

In Service,

Dr. Que


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P.O. Box 23204, San Diego, CA

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