Laura Rees Smith, Pastor, Coach

2600 Klamath Dr.

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As a pastor, I have always been interested in interpersonal skills and human behavior. However, as an end in themselves they leave us wanting more. I am passionate about moving beyond the self-centered trend of personality tests, and into the world of discovering your own personal thumbprint that God designed just for you.We get to unveil a whole new way to function. Combining our natural motivations and tendencies with our supernatural gift infused with the Holy Spirit upon salvation, we begin to understand who we are in relation to others, how we can grow and adjust, and fan into flame the good and perfect gifts God has given us. We then have the opportunity to move from bumbling and reacting to life, to purposefully living out the life God has designed us specifically to live. Human Behavior Science and interpersonal skills are taken to a whole new level when you combine them with Holy Spirit infused spiritual gifts. Our leadership and our followership is transformed. We understand others on a whole new level and we are able to follow Biblical principles of conflict management and spiritual restoration.
As the Women's Pastor at Changepoint in Anchorage, Alaska, I love utilizing the Uniquely You tools for leadership development, church involvement and team building. My husband, Scott is a guru in team building and personal challenge. Together we create a unique and fun experience that is safe and entertaining. We have used them in premarital and marital counseling, team building, understanding and working with your family We have also used them as part of conflict resolution and Biblical restoration. From the classroom to a retreat to team building in the great outdoors- the sky is the limit to how these tools can be used and applied.


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2600 Klamath Dr., Anchorage, AK

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