Personalizing My Faith Magnifying God Starter Kit

The main thing in life is to keep the main thing the main thing. So what is the main thing? Our lives should focus on magnifying God!

We were created to glorify God with our time, talents (gifts), treasures (money), and temple (body). How we use our time, exercise our gifts, manage our treasures, and take care of our temple will determine how we magnify God.

The Magnifying God Profile, Facilitator's Manual, and PowerPoint Presentation can help your church improve its "bottom line" - magnifying God! By focusing on the practical and pragmatic things that fill our lives daily, we can evaluate what is obviously most important to us. We can theorize and spiritualize most everything, but the simple, yet enlightening Magnifying God Survey will measure our realistic condition. Once we assess our actual way of life, we can clearly begin to improve how we glorify God.

Understanding the 4 DISC personality types in view of our time, talents, treasures and temple will be fascinating and revealing. This is an innovative way of looking at magnifying God. Most of the teaching on this subject is typical and has often been heard before, but the information in theMagnifying God Profile is fresh, probably never heard before.

True discipleship requires church members to be serious about how they live their everyday lives. Learning often nebulous platitudes about spiritual "things" can leave members confused about exactly what to do. The Magnifying God resources zero in on the specific "things" members should do as well as believe about glorifying God.

These resources are for serious Christians who want to learn biblical Human Behavior Science and how it applies to their lives in order to better magnify God. Challenge (D), inspire (I), encourage (S), and teach (C) your members to become fully obedient followers of Christ. Understanding how to magnify God by improving the DISC motivations is innovative and appealing.

Helpful Tips:
Offer the Magnifying God course to all the members in your church even if they have not completed any of the other courses. Once they have completed this course, encourage those who attended to seriously consider going through whatever other courses they have not attended.

The goal of the Personalizing My Faith Plan is to get EVERY member in your church to go through all six steps and become true disciples. Ask a few of your most respected and enthusiastic members who have reviewed the resources or attended any of the six classes to give a short testimony in the morning worship service or during the largest adult Sunday School class or small group fellowship about how enlightening and effective the course will be.


  • Magnifying God Survey/Questionnaire
  • It's All A Matter Of Priorities
  • Magnifying God With Your Time
  • Magnifying God With Your Talents and Giftedness
  • Magnifying God With Your Treasures (money)
  • Magnifying God With Your Temple (body)
  • Action Plan


  • 5 Personalizing My Faith Magnifying God Profiles
  • 1 Facilitator's Manual, (transparency masters available upon request)
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation

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