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As competition increases, coaches and players realize the need of understanding the science of human behavior. Motivation is the most important factor in athletics. Without it, the greatest ability is limited. Motivation makes the difference in winning or losing. One famous coach stated,"If I had it to do all over again, I would learn more about why people do what they do." High-tech has become a vital part of the high-touch world of sports.

All athletes have unique personalities that motivate them. Some athletes are driven to dominate and control, while others desire to inspire and look good. Some athletes are loyal team players, while others need to understand the details before giving their all.

There are four basic temperament types. These types are universally accepted as the Four Temperament Model of Human Behavior. Observed by Hippocrates 400 years before Christ, the four temperaments are predictable patterns of behavior.

Identifying athletes' personality types is discovering their individual hot buttons. Coaches and players can use this information to improve their performances.

One of the most successful coaches ever, Don Shula, wrote that the first thing he wanted to learn about his players was their personality type.

Table of Contents

  • Solving The Mystery Of Motivation
  • Uniquely You Questionnaire
  • Two DISC Graphs
  • Interpretation of Four Temperaments
  • Discovering Behavioral Blends
  • Transactional or Transformational Leader?
  • Leadership Insights
  • DISC Learning Styles
  • Neurolinguistic Programing
  • Leadership Reflections
  • Leadership Intensity Factors
  • Personal Insights
  • Challenging Differences
  • How To Handle Conflicts
  • Intensity Insights
  • Presenting Insights
  • Vision Casting / Dealing With Objections
  • Practical Application / Stress Management
  • First Signs / Recruiting

Throughout history, the Olympic battle cry has echoed - "Citius, Altius, Fortius!"

It simply means: "Swifter, Higher, Stronger." Every athlete is challenged to do better than their opponents. Most coaches would agree that the bottom line is being self-motivated to win.

Competition requires every athlete to adapt their feelings and actions to produce maximum performances. To be winners, athletes need to understand how their personalities affect their results. Once we identify our predicable patterns of behavior, we can adjust them to excel.

Nearly every sport requires some kind of aggressive, assertive and enthusiastic behavior. Athletes and coaches must focus on the individual traits of each personality. Everyone is not naturally aggressive. Some athletes tend to be laid back and less assertive, while others are too pushy and uncontrolled.

Every athlete should know what his or her "hot buttons" are. Wise athletes learn to control their "emotional pressure points." They avoid the overuse and abuse of their strengths. Most of the best athletes are "personality wise."


*Note: This is not a paper profile but an assessment to take online.

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