Realtors Personality Online Profile

Summarized Version
(Approx. 45 printed page report.)

The Uniquely You Realtor Personality Online Profile Summarized (Standard) Profile is a cutting-edge online tool that identifies your personality type. It's as easy as taking a survey which asks you a series of quick questions. The UY Realtor Personality Profile analyzes your choices and generates a personalized report that reveals your primary 4 temperament (DISC) type, plus provides you with tremendous insights to help you become a more effective realtor, businessperson, and leader.


  • Introduction
  • Historical Background
  • Interpretation of Four Temperaments
  • Understanding The Two Graphs
  • How To Read Graphs
  • Discovering Behavioral Blends
  • Controlling Behavioral Blends
  • Controlling The Dominant Person
  • The Real 'D' Estate Personality Type
  • Calming The Inspiring Person
  • The Real 'I' Estate Personality Type
  • Stimulating The Shy Person
  • The Real 'S' Estate Personality Type
  • Satisfying The Cautious Person
  • The Real 'C' Estate Personality Type
  • Practical Application
  • Sales Insights
  • Servicing Styles & Dealing With Objections
  • First Signs & Prospecting
  • Personal Insights
  • Leadership Insights
  • Leadership Intensity Factors
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • DISC Learning Styles
  • Challenging Differences
  • Stress Management
  • How to Handle Conflicts
  • Intensity Insights
  • Resolution Management Commitment


*Note: This is not a paper profile but an assessment to take online.

**Refund policy: Codes for online assessments cannot be refunded. 

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50 - 99 - 10% off retail
100 - 199 - 20% off retail
200 or more - 30% off retail